Psychiatric Abuse

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has created a great video called the Marketing of Madness that I recommend to anyone to find out how putting people on heavy drugs is such a lucrative business that it has been consumed by greed.

These are links that I have found have a lot of useful information about abuses in the psychiatric profession.

Able Child

ADD and ADHD Fraud

Alliance for Human Research Protection

Antidepressant Facts

Bogus Disorders of the DSM

Citizen’s Commission On Human Rights

Crimes Committed by Psychiatrists

Drugs and Your Mind

Death From Ritalin

Electroconvulsive Therapy

International Advocates for Health Freedom

International Coalition For Drug Awareness

Label Me Sane

Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Mind Freedom

Paxil Protest

Paxil Withdrawal

Psych Diagnosis

Psych Drug Truth

Psych Search – Psychs Breaking the Law

Psychiatric Fraud

Public Citizen Drug Information Center

Pysch Drug Tragedies

The Parental Intelligence Report

Safe Harbor

Videos Exposing The Abuses of the Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Industry

Zyprexa Drug Rep

Big Bucks, Big Pharma Documentary

Humorous “Zoloft”  Commercial


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