The Sea Organization – a Religious Order of Scientology

This is an interesting declaration by a religious scholar who does a comparison between various religious orders and that of the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization, which runs the Church through various continental offices throughout the world.

This declaration by religious scholar, Frank Flynn, was filed in the Claire Headley Labor case, which


Scientology Wins on Labor Issue in Headley Case

The Church of Scientology won a major victory in a labor case brought by Claire Headley, a former member and apostate who, along with her husband have been attempting to try their cases in the media.

The ruling that was handed down by Judge Dale S. Fischer, United States District Judge states that:

“there is no dispute that she: 1) was employed by a religious institution; 2) was chosen for her position based largely on religious criteria; and 3) performed religious duties and responsibilities. She worded for Defenants, which both are institutions within the Church of Scientology.”5

“5 Although Plaintiff contends that CSI and RTC are not religious institutions in her sur-reply, she has not offered any evidence that reasonably calls into question the fact that CSI is considered to be the “Mother Church” within Scientology, or that RTC is responsible for insuring the orthodox practice of the religion. Thus, she has failed to make a showing sufficient to establish a genuine dispute of fact about whether Defendants are religious institutions.”

… “For these reasons, the Court finds that the undisputed material facts show that even if Plaintiff could convince a finder of fact that the alleged federal and state labor violations took place, the ministerial exception would apply. Thus, her first cause of action fails.”

Here is the full text of the order in the Claire Headley Labor Case.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Josh Tells What it is Like in Haiti

“I live my life with the motto ‘I am going to change the world’ and I try to live by this in everything I do.

“I love to work for organizations that help and to personally help as many people as I can.

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Volunteer Ministers in Haiti Featured on Today Show with John Travolta

Young Volunteer Minister Helps the Injured in Haiti

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John Travola Arrives in Haiti with Supplies and Volunteers

John Travolta piloted a plane to Haiti laden with supplies.

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